Improving girls education in Namibia

FAWENA Re-entry for Out of School Mothers

30 September 2015

On 17-18 July 2015 FAWENA conducted re-entry workshop for 50 teenage mothers that FAWENA brought back to school. They also received scholarship items. The participants were from Kavango East and West regions. This is an opportunity given to young girls between the ages of 14- 20 that fell pregnant while in school and as a result did not complete their education cycle in the Kavango East and Kavango West regions. The focus is on vulnerable girls coming from poor families or households but have shown academic potential. Teenage pregnancy has been cited as a constraint in the elimination of gender disparities in education, and in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals of universal primary education and gender equality in education by 2015. The national prevalence rate for teenage pregnancies stands at 17%, and the Kavango region topping the list in the country with the highest teenage pregnancy rate of 34%. Kavango is the region with the highest poverty level in Namibia, more than 50% of the population were classified as poor. According to the 2013 Namibia Labour Force Survey, unemployment of female in the Kavango Regions is 35.3%.

FAWENA National Coordinator, Ms. Rauha Haufiku believed that children born by educated mothers have a higher chance of enrolling and completing school. Children of less educated mothers are unlikely to complete school. Thus, the concern about improving the educational rights of girls who become pregnant is based in part on the knowledge that this will affect the fate of their children and future generations. Therefore this programme will enable these young mothers to continue and complete the education cycle.

FAWENA takes this opportunity to thank its donor, United Way Worldwide from United States of America for the financial support that enabled FAWENA to implement the Re-entry of teenage mothers back into school.