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Who is an Empowered Woman

14 January 2015

An Empowered Woman is:                                                                                       By: R. Haufiku

  1. Vision
  • has a vision that gives her direction to her destiny

2. Know herself best

  • She is wonderfully and fearfully made, and she knows that.
  • People will not tell her who is she. She knows that charm is deceptive.
  • She does not compare herself to others; she is content with who she is.

3. Humble

  • She is not proud (negative).

4. Knowledgeable

  • Always willing to learn
  • Her future is determine by her knowledge acquired

5. Persistent

  • never gives up

6. Courage and confidence

  • when is speak, her words are wise
  • is not fearful
  • take up challenging roles
  • confident in who is she

7. Stays away from wrong relationships

  • Chooses her relationships well
  • Relationships that can build
  • Her accompanies herself with people that brings the best out of her

8. She brings good to the nation

  • Contribute positively to society
  • Always a helping hand to others, Example other women, to the poor, vulnerable people

9. Diligent

  • She is energetic, strong and hardworking.
  • She does not eat the fruit of laziness.
  • Her dealings are always profitable
  • She is clothed with strength and dignity