Improving girls education in Namibia

FAWENA Alumni Launch and Awareness

01 November 2015

FAWENA Alumni Association was officially launched in Windhoek on 6 November 2014. A total of 21 former beneficiaries participated.

Over the past 15 years, FAWENA has played a significant role in defining and shaping the lives of many disadvantaged girls by enabling them to access and benefit from education. Some of FAWENA’s former beneficiaries have gone on to becoming part of the professional and technical human resource currently contributing to various developmental undertakings in their regions. In a number of ways, these young people have demonstrated strong interest in also contributing to the mandate of FAWENA. It is that interest that brought about the idea of creating a FAWENA Alumni association. The aim is to enhance FAWE’s structural and institutional development by creating a vibrant FAWE alumni network of young people across Africa, working to advance the mission of FAWE and ensure its sustainability.

Through the alumni association, FAWENA harnesses the intellectual and technical resource and energies of these young women and young men and utilizes it to foster positive change to the social, cultural and economic context in which girls’ and boy’s education is provided in Namibia and inspire school girls and boys to remain focused on education.

Membership to FAWENA alumni associations is not limited to graduates of FAWENA former beneficiaries, but is open to any graduate who was a student in a school or training institution where FAWENA implemented an intervention that they may have directly or indirectly benefited from.

Largely, all FAWE Alumni members will be involved in organizing and executing activities relating to advocacy, public sensitization, mentoring of younger girls and boys, social events and fund raising events for the organization, as well as managing online social networking, production of newsletters or magazines, under the guidance of the Alumni association executive members.

Alumni activities will not only create opportunities for the alumni to reconnect with their alma mater but will also instil a sense of urgency for the alumni to give something back to their school or community  and be involved in the activities that further promote and serve the FAWENA Network.

Executive members will provide services that will help fellow alumni and new graduates enhance their career progression. FAWENA Alumni Association was officially launched in Windhoek on 6 November 2014.

The Alumni further conducted An awareness training of FAWENA Alumni Association, September 2015