Improving girls education in Namibia

Expanding Participation for Persons with Disabilities

29 December 2014

With the financial support of USAID  “from the American people” through “Expanding Participation for Persons with Disabilities program, FAWENA has successfully implemented the following activities:

  • 87 (48 boys, 39 girls) Primary and Secondary school learners and 15 Vocational Training Tertiary students in Zambezi and Kavango regions were awarded with scholarships.
  • Provided adaptive and assistive devices to 80 children with disabilities such as wheel chairs, clutches, hearing aids and eye glasses.
  • A referral manual/directory for people living with disabilities developed
  • A mentoring manual for children with disabilities was developed.
  • Playground at Mulumba Primary School and Mainstream Foundation was installed.
  • The capacity of 10 organizations working with people with disabilities was built on advocacy.
  • Conducted 4 Community Sensitization Training Workshops. A total of 175 members of the community were sensitized.
  • Conducted mentoring activities for children with disabilities

FAWENA would  like to express our sincere gratitude to USAID Namibia, other partners such as the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Education, National Disability Council, Individuals and organizations working with disabilities who contrinuted funding, expertise and effort towards the realisation and success of this program.

Finally, FAWENA would like to encourage other funding agencies and individuals to support FAWENA’s disability programme to assist children with disabilities gain access, retain and complete their education and thereby help break the cycle of poverty in our society at large. To maintain continuity and build momentum, much sacrificial, sincere and constant support is required. Ownership needs to be taken by all stakeholders. Through a united effort, this is not only possible, but inevitable if we have to improve the livelihood of the Namibian citizens.