Improving girls education in Namibia

Activities & Programs

FAWENA believes it is important to demonstrate, through practical interventions, what works in enhancing girls' education in Namibia. We have developed gender-responsive interventions that aim to provide greater educational opportunities for girls and to transform the environment in which learning takes place. We also aim to mainstream the best practices which emerge from these interventions into national education systems and practices.

Education & Psycho-Social Support Program

Cheshire Homes beneficiaries

Cheshire Homes beneficiaries

Poverty is one of the major constraints that hinders girls' full participation in education. It is for this reason that FAWENA established a bursary scheme in 2004 to help pay for the direct costs of education for girls and boys who have financial needs and demonstrate the potential to excel

Teacher, Parent & Community Sensitisation

Parents and teachers contribute significantly to the socialisation process of learners. FAWENA therefore highlights the important role they play in empowering the future generation of girls and boys. FAWENA conducts training workshops for teachers, school board members and parents on gender responsive teaching and learning methodologies, rape and sexual abuse, violence against girls and the importance of supporting the education of their daughters.

Teachers training workshop

Teachers training workshop

Gender Responsive Pedagogy

GRP workshop

GRP workshop

FAWENA trains teachers to become more gender aware and to adopt teaching practices that promote the equal treatment and participation of boys and girls in the classroom and within the wider school community. Teachers are trained in the design and the use of gender responsive teaching and learning materials and language in the classroom. Training includes classroom set up and interaction, sexual maturation, school management practices, strategies to eliminate sexual harassment, school management systems and monitoring and evaluation.

Hage Geingob High School

FAWENA, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, identified the Hage Geingob High school as a Centre Of Excellence (COE). The overall objective of the COE is to undertake effective intervention package strategies which address concerns in girls' education. FAWE believes that a safe and secure learning environment for girls, which is conducive to achieving academic and social excellence, will also benefit boys.

Centre of Excellence

San Girls & Boys Program

GRP workshop

San Learners

FAWENA's educational support which focuses on San boys and girls, attempts to address the unique challenges they face in education with regard to access, retention and performance. FAWENA also aims to compliment government's efforts to bring San people on par with the rest of Namibians.

Re-entry Program

FAWENA encourages teenage mothers to return to school and complete their education. Sensitisation takes place through scholarship awards, awareness workshops using role models and focal teachers training workshops on the Ministry of Education's Learner Pregnancy Policy.

Eli Joseph, mother learner that returned to school.

Eli Joseph, mother and learner who returned to school.

Tuseme Clubs (Let's speak out)

Tuseme workshop, 2007

Tuseme workshop, 2007

Tuseme Clubs are for both girls and boys. They use the Theatre for Development (TFD) approach which enables girls and boys to understand the problems that hinder their social and academic development, articulate these problem and seek possible solutions.

Youth Mentoring and Leadership Program

This is a programme where boys and girls work together as partners to organise and participate in activities, learn about and facilitate the spread of knowledge concerning HIV/AIDS awareness, abstinence and safe sex practices, peer pressure, counseling, role modeling, community service, income generating activities, tertiary institutions and career opportunities.

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

ECD training, Tsumis, Hardap Region

ECD training, Tsumis, Hardap Region

FAWENA supports the important role that ECD plays in building a strong foundation for education for girls and boys.

Girls' & Boys' Empowerment Programs

FAWENA supports the establishment of unique platforms for girls' and boys' empowerment clubs that have the potential to improve their academic performance and social development.

Kavango Girl Club workshop, 2008

Kavango Girl Club workshop, 2008

Science, Mathematics & Technology Program (SMT)

SMT aims to increase interest and participation and assist girls excel in SMT subjects at all levels. FAWENA conducts extra classes during school holidays, science clubs and uses role models in science based fields. FAWENA further awards female top achievers in SMT subjects.

HIV/AIDS Program

FAWENA's prevention and support campaign focuses on implementing and strengthening the Ministry of Education's HAMU (HIV & AIDS Management Unit) program in schools. It also incorporates HIV/AIDS aspects in all its activities.
FAWENA also conducts annual Adolescence Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS workshops.

Influence Policy

FAWENA influences the integration of gender issues into education policies and plans in order to improve girl's access, retention and performance in eduction, with special emphasis on partnership.

Trauma of Rape & Sexual Abuse

FAWENA conducts seminars for teachers and the public on “Trauma of rape and sexual abuse: How can teachers help their learners?”.

Income Generating Activities

Income Generation, Kavango Region

Income Generation, Kavango

To sustain FAWENA programs/activities, FAWENA started an income generating program at school and community level.